Disclaimer and Disclosure

Transparency is a core value here.

Helping folks all around the world get started with investing comes with its challenges. But it’s never a challenge to value the trust you put in me and what I create.

Any income generated from this website goes directly to keeping it ad-free, reinvesting in its content and infrastructure, donated to Value of Simple’s partner charities, or helps my family thrive within our minimalist means.

But trust and transparency goes beyond money and applies to all aspects here.

No Tricks, No Tomfoolery: How Your Information Is Gathered and Used

  • Any personal information you provide – like your name or email address – is used only by Start Investing with $100 to communicate directly with you.
  • I will never gather information about you without you opting in and knowing you’re providing it
  • I do not share personally identifiable information with affiliates or vendors who assist in helping me provide content, products, and services
  • I do not share your information with or sell it to marketers

My Personal Commitment to You

If I endorse or recommend someone’s product or service, it’s because I’ve personally used it or firmly believe it will have value for you.  Any recommendation I might make or any affiliate link I might place requires absolutely no obligation from you.  I repeat: You have zero obligation to ever buy something through a link on this website.

As I strive to always be transparent and honest with you, know that Start Investing with $100 can’t exist without the support you provide (moral, technical, financial, or otherwise).

My Products and Services

I’ll make no claim that any product or service I directly provide is going to be life altering for most of you. While maintaining my sense of modesty, I can honestly say that what I create is based on a level of knowledge and skill that can be very valuable to you. My maximum effort for your maximum impact is always the goal.

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about these you can always contact me about them.

Affiliates and Affiliations

There are some phenomenal people offering phenomenal things on the Internet right now. Highlighting them, regardless of financial gain, is important and I will constantly call attention to them.

Like everything in life though, your experience may vary. So please don’t spend money on something you feel won’t truly help you reach your goals.

Know that I’m incredibly selective about other people’s products and services and will only highlight one after careful thought. If it’s value is even slightly in question, you won’t see it referenced here.

Note: If there is a link on this website that leads you to another website where you could buy something, you should assume this is an affiliate link. An affiliate link means I may earn a small commission if you purchase something on the website you’re sent to.

Start Investing with $100 is entirely member-supported and any small amount earned through an affiliate link helps keep this ad-free. Keep in mind the vast majority of links on this site are not affiliate links.

Providing Financial Advice

I worked in the investment industry for a decade, have managed my own investments since I was 21, and have been reading personal finance magazines for longer than I can remember. But I am not a certified or licensed investment professional.

That means I can’t legally give you specific investment advice, nor would I want to. I am only here to empower you and guide you through your own decision making process. My biases creep into the course from time to time (and are always disclosed), but I intend to have this be as objective as possible.

Wrapping It Up

Thanks for being a part of a community looking to help people join a new generation of confident investors!

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