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There are a number of common questions I get asked about Start Investing with $100, so this FAQ was created to answer them.

Please read the FAQs first before contacting me. If there’s something you think should be covered here but isn’t, contact me with a suggestion.

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Q: What will I have achieved when I’m done with the course?

A: You will have selected an investment account type, chosen a suitable investment, picked the perfect investment company, opened an account, placed an investment trade, boosted your chances at future success, and learned multiple methods to track your investments. You’ll also have laughed, smirked, grinned, and groaned at least a few times.

Click here for details about some of the finest checklists, decision guides, and cheat sheets to move you past theory and straight into action.

Q: What does SIW100 stand for?

A: SIW100 is the acronym for Start Investing with $100.

Q: What qualifies you to teach a comprehensive online course about getting started (or restarted) with investing?

A: I worked in the investment industry for over a decade and have studied investing like my life depended on it for 20 years. I continue to learn and get better at investing because it puts me in a position to teach students how to do the same. Unlike a financial advisor, I have no potential conflicts of interest. That means I do everything because I care deeply about helping people overcome their obstacles.

Q: What’s the course format?

A: There are seven core online-based modules carefully spaced out over four weeks with checklists, decision guides, and cheat sheets to move you past theory and straight into action. It was designed to avoid being overwhelming and give you enough time to think and act before the next step.

Q: What’s the deal with the bonus module?

A: The eighth and final module is a free bonus lesson (a $30 value) that teaches you – step-by-step – how to track your investments with or Quicken.

Q: Do you have a guarantee on the course? If I get a pass and don’t like it, can I get my money back?

A: When you buy the course, you also get the “I Got You Covered 110%” guarantee. If you don’t think the value generated was worth the price you paid, I’ll refund 110% of your money. And even though this is a four week master class on your current and future investing success, I’ll give you double the time to act on this guarantee. Just contact me within two months of buying the course and let me know you want your money back.

Q: What do other people say about the course?

A: Check out the Reviews page to see the things alumni of SIW100 have said and reviews other people have created about the class.

Q: What’s this I hear about a free audio version crash course of SIW100?

A: I have an online audio show called Smart and Simple Matters where one of the episodes is a free 54 minute crash course on getting started with investing. If you want a big taste of what SIW100 is about and the underlying principles of investing, check it out.

Q: Do you give specific investing advice about my unique situation?

A: No. This course doesn’t support one-on-one coaching or consulting.

Q: What are the dangers of failing to invest?

A: You mean besides the very real risk that your money will grow slower than inflation and taxes can devour your future purchasing power? The answer can be found in the probability that your total income won’t be able to support your lifestyle, your family, or your community.

Q: Do you have an affiliate program or referral incentives for Start Investing with $100?

A: I sure do. All the glorious details are right here.

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Q: Most investing resources and courses are U.S. centric. I live in Canada, the U.K., or Australia, so how can I be sure my country-specific needs are addressed?

A: This course was specifically designed to be applicable for people in Canada, the U.K., and Australia. There are differences in terminology, strategies, and regulations in every country, but the principles of investing don’t change between countries. It’s only how you act on those principles that does. This was fully taken into account in this course through days of research and customization for folks in countries other than the U.S.

Q: Is the course worth it for people outside the U.S., Canada, the U.K., or Australia?

A: Some of the content – like an awesome Investment Company Decision Guide in Module 4 – is specific to these four countries. However, most of the content is applicable to people living in any country. Fair warning: The massive value for people in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia is lessened a bit for people in other countries.

Q: Where can I learn more about the person behind Start Investing with $100?

A: The About page at SIW100 has some information, but the best place is the Value of Simple About page or reading “My Story.”

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Q: How do I know this course really works?

A: This really works because I don’t make any assumptions about your previous investing knowledge and have no hidden incentive to push you down a certain path. You get the education and confidence you need to make all the decisions as I hold your hand every step of the way. Check out the Reviews page to see the things alumni of SIW100 have said and reviews other people have created about the class.

Q: How do I know SIW100 is worth the price?

A: If you finally start investing or take ownership of your investing future, your chances of being able to pay for retirement, big education bills, a wedding, that vacation you so richly deserve, a new vehicle, and many other things will skyrocket! And that’s regardless of the size of your paycheck, whether or not you get an inheritance, what tax bracket you’re in, or the inflation rate.

That’s not an opinion. Decades worth of research, academic studies, and scientific analysis proves that investing can make an amazing difference.

Q: How long might I wait for a response to my customer service message?

A: Please allow up to 48 hours for a response to your message. If it requires more time for me to fully address, I’ll provide a preliminary response and work my butt off to follow up as quickly as possible.

Q: How long will each module take?

A: It depends on how much pre-work you need to do and how deep you get into the content, checklists, decision guides, and cheat sheets. People spend an average of about an hour on each of the seven core modules. And since they’re delivered over four weeks (although you can take longer if necessary), it’s generally about a seven hour time commitment. There’s enough knowledge to learn and skills to master that you could engage deeper if you wanted to.

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Q: Why did you feel the need to create this course and what problems were you trying to solve?

A: There are many answers to this question. But the biggest problems this course solves include people wanting to start investing but not knowing how to get going, convincing folks they don’t need huge sums of money to make investing worthwhile, removing the fear and overwhelm surrounding investing while simplifying the education of investing principles, and helping people in debt or the self-employed find the money and methods to invest. But perhaps most importantly, this course was created to give people the absolute best chance of their money growing faster than inflation and taxes can devour it through knowledge, empowerment, and confidence.

Q: Why don’t you give me access to all the modules right away?

A: Because academic research and scientific analysis show people learn best when content is dripped instead of being slammed with everything at once. It’s just another way to maximize the benefit and minimize the chance of being overwhelmed.

Q: I can handle a self-paced course. Will you give me access to all of it right away if I want?

A: Yes. Once you’ve purchased the course, contact me with a note stating you want access to all the content pronto.

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Q: Can’t I get the same information you offer for free?

A. Yes. But it will take you many hours to find it all and much more energy to pick out the relevant details. Besides, this course offers far more than just information. It offers carefully curated tools from the top investment resources around the world, my decade of experience in the investment industry, and checklists, decision guides, and cheat sheets packed with unique value.

Q: Where can I access the course content once I’ve bought it?

A: Anywhere you have an Internet connection.

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Q: Can I trust you with my financial payment and personal information?

A: You don’t need to trust me because I use trusted third-party services like Paypal to handle payments and the leading email provider AWeber to manage personal information. If you want to know more, read the Disclaimer and Disclosure about how transparency and trust are core values here.

Q: Can you give me an example of these checklists and cheat sheets I keep hearing about?

A: Sure. Here’s the checklist for getting started in Module 1 (Word or PDF) and the cheat sheet in Module 3 for narrowing down your selection of an investment type (Excel or Google Docs).

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