Ready to Claim Your Successful Investing Future?

I know people like you.

Smart. Resourceful. The person who knows how to make things happen.

You have big dreams for yourself and the people you care about. Dreams that are reasonable enough to reach and challenging enough to feel amazing when you achieve them.

You’re on the road to personal fulfillment and making other awesome people really happy.

There’s just this small problem.

Your dreams require more money than you have right now.

Those heavy education bills. The retirement that can’t come soon enough. The incredible wedding, car, house, or vacation that is close enough to taste, but far enough away to possibly slip away.

You sort of have a plan to possess this big chunk of change when you need it. But trusting an expensive financial pro to keep it all under control or investing on your own – with potentially shaky results – is kind of scary.

Leaving that plan to chance or to someone without your best interests in mind puts those big dreams at risk. And that’s a major bummer.

You know it doesn’t have to feel this way. You know you could rock this investing thing yourself (or at least skillfully oversee another person doing it) if you just… got… a… push.

That positive momentum and confidence boost could happen today.

But there’s an issue. Because claiming your birthright to successful investing is tricky.

Who cares if you could have or should have started yesterday (or last decade). That invaluable education, rewarding retirement, or the “I can’t believe that just happened!” once-in-a-lifetime experience can still be yours.

Because there is a concise way to make the crucial, foundational decisions before starting your next money journey.

There is a direct method to choosing appropriate investments, the best investment account type, and the ideal financial company for your unique goals.

And there is single, flexible template to ignite your future as an informed and resourceful investor.

Investing doesn’t need to be stressful and mysterious anymore.

The giant financial industry marketing machine chugs along to keep you scared to make your own investment decisions. You can handle every other major decision in life, but… ohhh nooo! You can’t be trusted to manage your own money.

Give me a freakin’ break.

The financial industry and finance pros smirk when they convince people that their permanent destiny is to have their hard-earned money silently siphoned off by fees, commissions, and “premium services.”

I know how it goes. I worked in the investment industry for a decade, saw some things that can’t be unseen, and I can definitely say I’ve “been there, seen that.”

That’s why I’ve always self-invested. But like you, I face obstacles that make having a wife, two kids, two dogs, some vehicles, and a home a delicate financial situation.

My challenges are probably some of the same ones you feel.

I gotta tell you though; it’s scary how most people (unintentionally) let taxes and inflation devour their ability to buy what they need. Whether it’s from paralysis, confusion, over-confidence, or something else, these two forces work quietly to undermine your current and future lifestyle.

But the reality is – regardless of your paycheck size, whether Aunt Sarah has you in her will, the inflation rate, or your tax bracket – owning your investing future is essential to so… many… things.

That’s not an opinion. Decades worth of research, academic studies, and scientific analysis proves that investing can be the difference in affording what you want versus barely having what you need.

This is Why Start Investing with $100 Exists

Start Investing with $100

I didn’t spend a decade in the investment trenches and twenty years gorging on personal finance resources for nothing.

All my experience and knowledge was used to create this online investing course for awesome people who:

  Realize the importance of investing, but never actually start

  Have little money to invest and no idea how to begin owning their money future

  Don’t know the difference between a stock and a bond or what “The Market” is all about

  Have student, credit card, mortgage, or other debt and can’t wait to invest until it’s paid off

  Are small business owners or solo entrepreneurs that know the best return isn’t always in their business

  Already have investments, but don’t know if they are risky, diverse, or riddled with unnecessary costs

  Want someone else to handle their money… while being knowledgeable enough to manage the manager

Let everyone else mess around with finding the time, organization, and energy for something this important. You won’t gamble for months or years, worrying whether the money will be there when you need it.

“Joel understands the concepts of investing on a small scale better than anyone I know. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to get into the game with limited resources, this course will put you on the right path.” ~ Tyler Tervooren, Advanced Riskology

How Start Investing with $100 Works

Start Investing with $100 is about substance, not flash. The slick products shining on the outside and a turd on the inside are for other people.

There are too many fancy distractions out there derailing the action you could take right now. So I’ve distilled the essence of investing into seven glamour-busting and non-fancy talkin’ modules.

Here’s what you’ll get when you take control over your investing destiny:

  Checklists, decision guides, and cheat sheets to move you past theory and straight into the action

  8 online modules – including a free bonus one – carefully dripped over four weeks. That means you’ll have time to think, act, and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

  Lifetime access and a constantly updated resource kit to empower your future success

  Hand-selected examples, case studies, and tools from the top investment resources to save you massive time. Because I don’t know everything… but I know the people that do.

  Customer service that exceeds your expectations and a course designed so you won’t need it

“Start Investing with $100 is the course I wish I had when I began investing. It brings together the best resources and information, saving you days spent combing through them on your own. Joel walks you through each step of the investing process with efficient, actionable modules that get you moving in minimal time. You’ll also understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and learn how to take charge of your investments. Follow the Start Investing with $100 plan and you will be investing in just two short weeks.” ~ Erin Kurup, {re}made by hand

What’s Now Possible

You don’t need someone telling you what’s best when you can confidently decide yourself. With guidance and encouragement, you’ll choose your own path to investing success.

But the feeling that you can’t wisely manage money or don’t have enough time is a serious downer.

So let’s get rid of those feelings and other limitations.

Let’s get rid of the barriers holding you back from your savvy investor potential. By accessing Start Investing with $100, you’ll learn and achieve all this:

  What to consider before claiming your investing future and how to maximize your initial actions

  How to discover the best investment account type for your specific needs

  How to choose appropriate investments for your unique goals

  How to convert endlessly researching the ideal investment company into a two-minute exercise

  How to open an account, plus my insider tips from experience designing the new account process for a leading financial firm

  How to place your first trade and avoid the pitfalls that many people fall into

  How to become an informed and resourceful investor with simple tools and new skills

There’s even a bonus module on how to electronically track your investments with or Quicken*. This $30 value is thrown in for free because I’m 100% invested in your continued success.

But… But… But…

Like you, I want to know in advance if what I’m buying is legitimate. I want to know if this thing could exceed my expectations and make the decision a no-brainer.

So you should know that you get more than just new skills when accessing the course. You also get less fear and less stress. Plus, you get more confidence, respect, and trust from your friends and family that you’re a smart money champ.

Still unsure? I understand. This is an important decision. So click play and get an inside look into Start Investing with $100.



Let’s Make This Happen

If you have or can find $100, click here for instant access to an awesome investing future!

Sure, you could buy the “magic investing key” from somewhere else for thousands of dollars. But with all the money also goes a loss of control and a commitment to understand someone else’s decisions (possibly made against your best interests).

That’s no good.

Instead, you can have Start Investing with $100 for less than your cell phone bill or caffeine allowance. Immediate access to my experience and skills – and the best external resources available – is only $99.

This is a complete solution that easily passes the “pays for itself” test without a complex formula or elaborate conversations.

You need to maximize your investing potential and stop inflation and taxes from eating away at your current – and future – lifestyle.

That’ll happen when you click here and get to Start Investing with $100.

I went to business school and worked a job in finance, but Joel’s investing course still managed to teach me new stuff. Forget get rich quick programs, technical trading secrets, or picking hot stocks. All you need to get your money working for you is this course and an Internet connection. Don’t expect to be told what investments to pick as Start Investing with $100 teaches the fundamentals everyone should know – but often don’t understand – and then points you forward to your first trade. And I mean really points you since each module has links to dozens of awesome resources on the web.” ~ Amit Amin, Happier Human

Guarantee? I Got You Covered 110%

Sometimes you buy something, try it out, and realize you just purchased a piece of crap. I’m highly certain that won’t happen to us.

But, if you complete the course and don’t get the value you expect, I’ll refund 110% of the cost. Just contact me within two months of purchase, let me know why you want your money back, and it’s yours.

In other words, there’s zero risk when you buy this course. That’s why the “I Got You Covered 110%” guarantee is so powerful.

Giving Back Comes Standard

Packed into Start Investing with $100 is a gift from you to a person who needs help. Just like your investments will make a big impact, your purchase will too as 5% of sales goes to Second Harvest Heartland. They’re a non-profit dedicated to helping our hungry neighbors today and providing the means for everyone to be fed tomorrow.

P.S. Are You Ready Now to Claim Your Future Investing Success?

I want you to experience the confidence that course graduates have discovered. Through insightful initial considerations, personalized decision-making for your unique needs, and creating new skills that can be applied to more than just money, you can become the go-to person that everyone admires.

The checklists, decision guides, wisdom, cheat sheets, and world-class resources in this course don’t promise results and deliver bland theory or high-level “strategy.” Start Investing with $100 gives lifetime access to mindsets that last a lifetime. To conviction free from sexiness traps and emotion-filled experiences that aren’t half as useful as this course.

And if it turns out Start Investing with $100 wasn’t right for you, the “I Got You Covered 110%” guarantee takes all the risk out of your purchase.

Get started or restarted with investing.

There’s never going to be a better time to join a new generation of confident investors.

Your instant access to Start Investing with $100 is found by clicking the “Buy Now!” button.

Your Small Price: $99



* only supports U.S. and Canadian financial companies. Quicken supports these countries as of June 2012.

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