Lots of people have said humbling things about Start Investing with $100. Find out who and what they’ve said in their reviews of the course.

   “Joel understands the concepts of investing on a small scale better than anyone I know. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to get into the game with limited resources, this course will put you on the right path.” ~ Tyler Tervooren, Advanced Riskology

   “Start Investing with $100 is the course I wish I had when I began investing. It brings together the best resources and information, saving you days spent combing through them on your own. Joel walks you through each step of the investing process with efficient, actionable modules that get you moving in minimal time. You’ll also understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and learn how to take charge of your investments. Follow the Start Investing with $100 plan and you will be investing in just two short weeks.” ~ Erin Kurup, {re}made by hand

   “I went to business school and worked a job in finance, but Joel’s investing course still managed to teach me new stuff. Forget get rich quick programs, technical trading secrets, or picking hot stocks. All you need to get your money working for you is this course and an Internet connection. Don’t expect to be told what investments to pick as Start Investing with $100 teaches the fundamentals everyone should know – but often don’t understand – and then points you forward to your first trade. And I mean really points you since each module has links to dozens of awesome resources on the web.” ~ Amit Amin, Happier Human

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